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About Okumura Residence


Built-in 1808, Okumura Residence consists of 13 structures from the main building, storehouse, eastern gate, servant quarters, western tatami rooms, and dye storage building (for the indigo workshop). The three dye storage buildings and luxurious western tatami rooms show how prosperous the company was at the time. In 1987, the 11th generation master of the estate, Takeo Okumura, donated to the city of Aizumi-cho. It is currently open to the public as "Ai no Yakata," a tourist attraction. In 2019, the 13 buildings of the Okumura family Residence were designated tangible cultural properties (buildings) of Tokushima Prefecture, and the main building and housing warehouse were also registered as national tangible cultural properties.


藍 藍染

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