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奥村家が歴史に登場するのは経済発展が著しい元禄期(1688 - 1704)のことです。


The Okumura family first appeared in history during the Genroku period (1688 - 1704), a period of remarkable economic development.
The Okumura family's indigo business began in the Bunka era, when the sixth generation of the family, Kazo, became an indigo trader, and by the time of the ninth generation, Kazo had expanded his indigo business to Chikuzen and Bizen.

Nowadays the Okumura family will no longer carry on the Kazo name, as a former indigo trader, when we asked ourselves what we could do, we thought that we could provide a place where the community could learn about indigo, and where knowledge and people could interact through indigo, so we opened a store in the Indigo House Okumura in 2018.


We hope that people from all over the world will come to this place where indigo used to flourish.







Nantendo Bookstore was managed by Toraomaru Matsuoka from 1912-1926. The first floor used to be a bookstore and the second floor was a cafe and restaurant.  Around 1926, famous authors and anarchists such as Fumiko Hayashi, Sakae Osugi, Noe Ito, and others used to get together there every night. This is a store riddled with history.

Although it is not well known, Kazou the eleventh left his job at Sanwa Bank to pursue his own business and bought out a bookstore called Nantendo in Hongo in 1939.

The Okumura family connection to Nantendo cooperated and opened a book store specializing in Indigo .  Across all generations, we hope that Tokushima will have the chance to welcome all those who have an interest in Indigo.

*We also buy old books about indigo.  Please feel free to contact the store about selling any old editions you have.

藍 藍染

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